Head of David

The Head of Sir David Bowie has been cut into triangles solely for the reason to be put on this neon superbright T-shirt. 

Ultrasonic Sound 3:57

Please don’t try to read the text. It’s not meant to be read - it’s meant to be worn as a color statement.

Peaceful Invaders

Since their arrival upon Earth, Penguins never really went after their initial plan to capture our planet. Fluorescent neon colors t-shirt.


Vee Tee, the only colorless tee in the collection, will be a good wear under a v-neck sweater, for example or under another white tee.

Arbre Solaris

The tree of the north has been colored and geometriacaly revisioned to look good under a snowboarding jacket

Rothko Verdi

Mark Rothko was an unhappy man. But his works have made a lot of people happy. Be happy when wearing this neon tee.


The triangle pieces in this shirt represent the molecules in the first 10 seconds after the big bang in the Volga Verdi Universe.

Emerald Cluster

They say that in 25 years there will be no live being who hasn’t been blinded by neon. Most of the people that see this shirt will never forget that moment.

Explicit Content

Abstract art is about finding new ways to evoke the same basic emotions, New forms allow for nuanced perception, but the essence is unaltered.


A noble red stripe worn only by the honorable worthy.